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I cannot thank all of you ladies enough for your advice and words of encouragement! I now know that somehow I will make it through this lol!
I forgot to mention that she is formula fed (I tried breast feeding but the baby and myself just weren't getting the hang of it.) Now in a way I am glad I don't breastfeed because then my boyfriend wouldn't be able to help as much. So kudos to all who breastfeed, I don't know how you all do it. Thank God for my wonderful boyfriend he definately helps alot but then I feel bad when some nights he lets me sleep and takes over then goes to work at 6 am and is working over time with no sleep. But then again like someone mentioned I am one of those people who normally would need 8-10 hours of sleep to feel refreshed and my boyfriend is fine with very little sleep. What a trooper! I find that when she is a little fussy and cries after me trying to lay her down in the bassinet 2 times I just fall asleep with her in my arms and she really likes that, she'll sleep 3 hours if I do that and so do I. I'm just worried she will want to sleep with me or my boyfriend all the time if I do that. But seeing that alot of you have done this and your babies are fine then I guess I have nothing to worry about. Keep the advice coming and thanks again!

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