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I don't think gayle meant in any way that you should starve your baby. I am sure her baby was waking from habit, and she was fine after a few minutes. My son does the same from time to time...he will wake up, and I'll give him five minutes. Usually he goes back to sleep on his own. I mean, how many times do you wake in a night? After a while they might have a bad dream or whatnot and wake up on their own. My son is four months and he has been sleeping through the night since two. He is a well fed baby at 18 lbs and pretty happy at that :p I think we all know our own babies and each one is different from the next. Sometimes this method works, sometimes not. But it did for me and for Gayle :)

Anyways, my advice is pretty much this--hang in there! Nap when you can, because it helps. It may seem like you are sleepy forever, but one night your baby will sleep and it will be wonderful.

What you can start doing now is to prep your baby to get into a schedule. I swear by this! As soon as I got my DS in a loose schedule, he started to sleep SO much better in the night. I do what I call the four b's, adapted from someone on this board. They are bath, book, bottle, bed. When he was a newborn, I started this at 11 at night and he would usually be in bed by 12:30. he would wake at 2, then at 5-6, then at 9. Slowly, I moved back the time, and he was in bed by 12:00, would wake at 4, then at 7. I slowly moved everything back and back as he was sleeping longer and now I start everything at 10, he is in bed by 10:30, and wakes up at 9am!!!! Awesome if you ask ME. You will feel so much better once you form some sort of order in your day and you will feel refreshed as well too.

I wish you luck and I feel for you--I was once there too. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there girl!

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