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Feeding Schedule
Jan 11, 2006
Hi everyone! I have been waking my baby every two hours during the day and every three hours during the night to eat. I thought I would try the approach of letting him decide his schedule and not me and now I'm worried. He went a four hour stretch yesterday without wanting to eat!! He'll be two weeks old tomorrow.

Also, I fed him at 6 pm yesterday and by 7:30 he was rooting and being fussy, so my DH thought he was hungry, so I fed him again. But 9, he was hungry again and my DH gave him a bottle of formula (we're doing supplemental feedings because of his weight, and I was just drained) and he drank all 2 ounces in about 10 minutes!!!! About 10:15 he wanted more so I put him to the breast and after about 3 minutes, he finally passed out!! Is it common for a two week old to have a growth spurt, if that's what it is?

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