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Wow, doctor says he doesn't see it often but we are pretty sure that DS is teething at 12 weeks. I noticed on Tuesday he started acting fussy when I tried to feed him - just opened his mouth and screamed when I put him to breast. My father who takes care of him during the day said he also noticed fussiness when the bottle was given to him. Well after 3 days of fighting him to eat (about 70% of the time) I called the doctor. With DS eating/knawing on his fists, drooling 200% more than last week, and no fever we deduced the chance of he starting to teeth is pretty high. We don't think it is an earache, the nurse said if he was crying after he started to suck on a nipple/bottle it could be discomfort in the ear from the sucking motions. But alas it is not that. (besides I read breastfed babies actually have a lower occurance of ear infections.)

I got out two little teething toys given from my baby shower and stuck them in the fridge (not the freezer - not supposed to do that) and when he started to get fussy at the breast - I just propped him up on the couch (in the corner) and placed one toy up by his hand and coaxed it in his mouth. After a couple of minutes he managed to kinda hold it up there on his own and I let him munch on it for 5 to 10 minutes. Sure enough when I put him to breast he latched right on and started to suck - no fussing! I know the gumming toy worked because his mouth was a little cold on my nipple. The nurse said the fussiness could last three days or three weeks if he is teething, I hope it goes by quick for his sake.

Anyone else teething? I decided I am not going to use the ambesol (sp?) that the doctor said we could use unless the teething toys or tylenol doesn't appease his discomfort (which seems to only be when he is feeding - othewise he is pretty happy). What are you doing to soothe the discomfort?

(BTW sorry so long)

Happy Babies!
I posted a while back that I thought my baby was teething also! He is 2 months now, but at about 6 or 7 weeks he started drooling considerably! It is just getting worse and worse. The past few days he has been fussy at the breast and when I give him a bottle, more at the breast though. I thought there was something wrong with my milk. He got his shots yesterday and he was fussy later on so I thought it was the shot. Well, today same thing, but I caught him munching on my nipple! OUCH! It was kinda funny though, he was fussing and I kept putting him back on, he let go then opened his mouth and gummed me! haha

I don't see any teeth yet, but I swear he's teething. My doctor says he's too young, but I am pretty sure I am right. She also said the symptoms could start a few months in advance.

What else did your doctor say? Does the fussiness start right before they get teeth?

I should say I gave him tylenol and it calmed him right down. I know some of the fussiness can be attributed to the shot, but he's been fussy like this for a few days, his shots were yesterday.

Must be something with those November babies!

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