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Re: Types of Cereal
Jan 25, 2006
My baby is also 4 months old. How much are you giving and how many times a day? Just I wasn't given instructions on this other than to just take cues from the baby and make adjustments and progression that way. That's easier said than done sometimes.

I am giving cereal made with 1 oz of EBM and about 1 tablespoons of rice or make a slightly thicker than applesauce consistency. We do this twice a day (lunch and dinner)...then finish off the feeding on the breast. I'm going with 1 oz only becasue that was the instructions on the box of the cereal.

Just today I've decided to go with 1 oz of EBM...still twice a day. She already had her lunch with the 1 oz mixture and I don't think she even noticed she got more than normal.

I plan on starting vegetables when she turns 5 months...which will be in a couple weeks. I'm sure she'd eat them now if I tried. Not sure why I'm waiting for the 5 month mark.

Anyone care to critique on our feedings??? Please???

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