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Celestine...glad to hear it's working out better.

I have started giving fruit just today. I started them because every vegetable & cereal she's tried, she likes...I don't think she's that picky. Ava did the same thing with the fruit...the sour face. She had peaches. I thought they were sour too, but after the first taste, she ate them just like anything else.

For lunch, we have jar of baby food (I have the del monte brand...2 oz per jar) plus cereal. The cereal mix I give is still 1 or 1 oz breastmilk mixed with about 2 tablespoons cereal. It's been oatmeal about 90% of the time lately. I top her off with breastfeeding. Yes, there is quite a drop in the amount of breastmilk she takes when it's with a solid meal. She'll nurse maybe 5 minutes & she's done. Nursing without solids normally takes about 15-20 minutes.

For dinner, we have the other half of the jar of baby food and the same cereal mix.

I am still only doing 2 solid meals a day. Her diapers are changing & different every day, and her spit-up is more often since solids, so I'm still sticking with 2 meals/day until I get more comfortable with the changes so far.

I do not mix the vegetables with the cereal. I did not mix the fruit this morning with the cereal either. Are you mixing? I know you can. I guess I don't mix my own food, so I don't mix her food.
I dont want to Hijack your thread but..Does anyone's baby have more than just half the jar? Savanna wants to eat the whole jar. She is a big girl though about 16 1/2 lbs now.
The only way she will eat cereal if it is thick (thickness of the babyfood)
She Does not seem to be taking fruit. She only like applesauce. Ive tried peaches and banannas.
No problems with greenbeans, peas, squash..she loves carrots..she laughes while eating
Anyway I officially Hijacked back to my question..More than half of the jar????
Savanna Faye 9/16/05

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