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Hey all.... Everything is good here. Kailey is doing great too. She is having a bout with some baby acne though. It's mostly around her mouth and on her cheeks. I have to make sure I dry her face really well after she nurses. She is waking about 3 times a night. She usually gies 2 hrs between feedings, and on occation I get lucky and she will go 3 hrs. I'm so used to sleeping in 2-3 hr intervals that I don't feel exhausted like I did when she was born. Diaper changes are good, but the last few diapers have had some green poop mixed in with the normal orangy-yellow. I know BF babies are suppose to have yellowish BM's. I gotta keep an eye on that. Candice- Kailey also has soem red bumps in her butt, nothing severe, but I did but some Desitin on it.

I'am enjoying her so much. She is so sweet!! Sometimes I get frustrated when I have to wake up at night, but once she starts eating it all goes away. SHe makes the cutest noises while eating. She is still choking every once in a while though. My milk just comes so fast for her. I have TOO much milk. When I take my bra off my boobs just drip milk sometimes. I'm contantly changing my breast pads.

I'm still bleeding aswell. Its more like a brownish discharge though. I just wear pads 24/7, even though I HATE PADS!!! And Robyn- I have introduced the Paci already. I really did'nt want to, since I was BFing and I did'nt want her to be dependent on one. But, when Kailey was in that incubator she was really fussy and I tried it. At first she could'nt keep it in her mouth, it just keep popping out, and we would have to hold it there for her. Now she can keep it in her mouth, but only sucks on it for a few minutes then spits it out. I only give it to her if she's really fussy, it helps put her to sleep. I don't think she will need it much longer, b/c at this point I rarely give it to her.

Valerie-my DH has been asking to aswell, even though he knows I'm suppose to wait six weeks. He is really turned on by my "un" pregnant body now, and its driving him crazy. I'm feeling ok down there, so I may give it a couple more weeks and then try. I'm terrified about getting pg again too, and we will have to use condoms until I get on BC :confused: And thats only if when I let him try before 6 weeks I don't cut it short like you! LOL :D

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