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OK my little one has thrown me for a loop today - I know she has growth spurts where instead of eating every 3 hours she will eat the same amount as usual 100ml every 2 hours or so.... well today - she is eating like every 2 hours but only 70ml each time... what is with that? and she is really fussy and doesn't sleep well - constantly pushing gas out while sleeping etc. I feel so bad. anyone else experience this?

I may order the baby's bliss tonight just to have on hand - because sometimes I wonder if the mylicon drops work? I haven't used them today with our little issue day - but I think I will put them in the next two bottles I make.

Ava is 3 weeks (this past monday) and she too lifts her head on my shoulder and looks around etc. I don't know about the tummy time thing - I think we are supposed to be doing it each day - i read online that the boppy helps a lot if your baby hates tummy time - so I will try that tomorrow- she is way too cranky tonight.

You are SO funny Robyn - I was thinking of having a COUPLE of beers tonight - I am SO exhausted haven't slept since 3 am and its now 5pm - I laid down a couple of times but she is so fussy that I can't sleep and its for such a short time - ugh.

OK when little miss Ava is a monster and crying a lot at night for NO reason - I put her in the same position that you put taylor - armpit area etc. and then she still freaks out for like 5 min. calms down and falls into a DEEP sleep.... then within 10-15 min. of putting her in bed we then pick her up and put her into her bassinet.

we have to do this maybe 1 time a day every 2 or 3 days or so.... so not often. but it does work when there is nothing wrong with her - (diaper, gas etc. ) and she is just being fussy.

So you can TRY.... (its really hard) to put him in the bassinet next to your bed AFTER he is in a DEEP sleep - LOL!! but I am sure he is really comfy there!!

XXOO Friday

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