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I fed both my kids on demand, and have no problems with them, I agree with another poster about I would not want anyone to tell me when to eat also. My ds is 6 months old and he still eats once in the night. He is gradually growing out of it on his own. at his 6 month visit I told his ped about this, and he had no problems with it, and did not discourage it in anyway. I cannot see letting a baby cry while being hungry. How would you feel if someone kept you from eating, til they felt like feeding you hours later. Not too happy. anyway, I think you should do what you want, your baby will outgrow it if you feed on demand, I think baby is too young to be on a schedule, though many people do it. I still don't have a SET schedule for my ds, as his eating varies from day to day, he puts himself on a schedule. good luck

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