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Hi Ladies! Glad to see you LexJude!!!!!

Well, Ava is probably about 13 to 13 lbs by now. I cannot imagine having a 20lb baby! She was 23 inches at her visit a month ago. Her percentiles are 25th for weight and 30th for height...that was at the 4 month visit.

She still has not had a cold or anything yet...which surprises me because DH has had 2 colds since she's been born and we go out to the stores & among people a lot.

We started solids right at 4 months and do 2 solid meals a day. Cereal & fruit in the 11am timeframe and cereal & vegetables in the 5-6pm timeframe. I'm not ready to do 3 meals a day yet for fear that my breastmilk supply will go down...and I'm not ready to let that happen yet. Breastfeeding is still going well. She was a pro at taking a spoon after the 3rd attempt, and eats everything I've given her. She doesn't love green beans, but she eats them with a slight scowl on her face...I guess if she spit them out I'd stop...but beans are still in the rotation.

As for sleeping, she is doing great! We did the CIO routine right at 4 months and that totally worked pretty quickly. She goes to bed at 8:00pm...wakes to eat around 5:30am, and back to sleep until around 8-8:30am. Once in a blue moon she'll start grunting & making noises around 3am, but either settles herself or needs a little pat to get back to sleep....really not a big deal. She doesn't nap in the day. She quit napping around 3 months old. I'm actually overall happy with no naps (though some days I could use a nap!) because we can go out and do stuff and I don't have to worry about cutting things short to keep a nap routine in check. We just come and go as we please.

She finally decided to roll over from front to back the other day. That was the first time, and hasn't done it again. She has no interest in rolling, but sits up by herself already (I have to sit her up...she cannot get into the sitting position by herself yet). I do need to hover over her because she will tip over, but her balance is getting good and can sit up for about 30 seconds on her own before her balance gets off.

I love her noises and sqeals! They are so cute! She's really into her feet...especially when I'm changing her pants. Part of the diaper change routine includes about 5-10 minutes of feet time. The other day she had the most exposive diaper ever. It leaked up the front, up the back, and out both legs. And her diaper was clean like 5 minutes before it happenned. It was so bad, it took about 10 wipes to get the overall funk off...just enough to transport her to the bathtub and finish the job.

No signs of teeth yet. I look every day. Ped said gums would swell and that would be the that's what I look for. LexJude...tell me how you knew teething was happenning...was it swelling or are there other indicators I don't know about?

So, I guess I couldn't ask for more. I'm soooo glad pregnancy is over! I'm also really glad the first 3 months of life are past us. I think back to the colicky days and wonder how I made it through.
Gotta go now. Good to hear from you.

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