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Babys and eczema
Feb 16, 2006
my son is almost 5 months and has eczema, the doc told me to use this perscription cream, its hydrocortisone cream 2.5% but it has a very small amount of steriods in it, well ive used it and it works, i also have to put ointment on him, its called aquaphor, well my relative says NO NO the hydro cream causes cancer? im like why would the doc give me it if it does? anyone else know anything?
I have used hydrocortisone cream for years and years for my own eczema, and I have never heard of a link to cancer. Not saying there isn't, but I think it is a pretty safe cream.
I also use hydrocortisone cream on my daughter amd myself for excema. It's wonderful isn't it?! I've not heard of any link to cancer, but excessive use can cause the skin to thin. However, the percentage dose in the cream for babies is tiny and is no problem at all. You should just use a small amount and stop once the patch of excema has cleared up. Don't use it as a preventative.
I've never heard of the cancer thing. DS had eczema really bad at that age. We used the ointment as well and it worked great. I too agree that you just use it until the patches go away. DS no longer uses it, but I do not see any negative results of use in his skin.
I also use hydrocortisone cream for my little guy who is 8 months, and it clears his eczema up so well. The dr recommended it to us.
The cancer link is just being made to other cortisone creams like elidel, so I would be weary anyway. Ds also has pretty bad eczema, babies r us has a cream by mustela, called stelatopia, and it works great, although a little pricy. I use the cortisone only once a month or so when there is a really bad flare up, but I'm a little scared of to tell you the truth. Have you stopped using fabric softener and such also?
i use perfume free and dye free fabric softners now and after i was his clothes in the dreft, i rerinse one more time so the perfumes are all out
I used the hydrocortisone and the RX, its fine now, went away after about 3 months, hes now 6

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