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Hi Everyone :wave:

Well DS turned himself from back to tummy in his crib this morning. I was at work and DH put him back in his crib while he took a shower. Hubby said when he went back in there DS was on his tummy. I know it isn't offical till we see him do it, and I am sure he pushed on the sides of the crib to get himself turned over but still :bouncing: .

On another note I have noticed him trying to grab my cup/mug more often and of course direct it towards his mouth (just like everything else). And when Grandpa and DH bottle feed him he is starting to kind of hold it himself (with help of course).

I went to my local LLL meeting last night, I have been pumping at work and intend on breastfeeding DS till he is at least 6 months. I am seriously thinking about stopping pumping during the day (after 6 months), start giving him formula, and starting his solids [U]during the day [/U] (while I am away) and breastfeeding him mornings and evenings. Although I haven't gotten any flak over pumping or the time away from my desk here at work, I have to admit I am getting a little tired of pumping. Don't get me wrong, I am really glad we are breastfeeding, his latch is perfect, no pain, he hasn't gotten sick, I love the convience of feeding at home or when we are out and about, and knock on wood we have had no major problems, but expressing milk at work is getting to me. Anyone else out there with a similar dillema?

Happy Babies Everyone! :)

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