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for chapped lips I would try vaseline, also it sounds like he is getting A LOT of cereal.
2tsp/oz X 6oz formula, that's about 12tsp of cereal per feeding. I would guess that would be about 5-6 tablespoons of cereal per feeding, 4 times a day? That seems like a lot of cereal to me, I wouldn't be surprised that he goes long time between feedings and doesn't want that much formula. Also are you giving that to him in a bottle???

It's recommended that you NEVER put cereal in a bottle and only give to him by spoon, so he learns how to eat from spoon and has ability to tell you when he has had enough. It's easier to overfeed a baby when you feed cereal in bottle.

I think he is ready for some veggies. This is how I feed my DS
At 7am breastfeed
At 10am give 2-3 tablespoon of cereal mixed w/ fruit and 3oz of breastmilk or water
At 1pm 2-3 tablespoons of cereal mixed w/ veggies and milk/water
At 3pm breastfeed
At 6pm 5-6 tablespoons of cereal mixed w/ veggies and milk/water
At 8pm breastfeed

Breastfed babies get hungry faster than formula so you may have longer gaps between that.

Also does he have a lot of wet diaper? if no, and he seems dry, I would make sure he gets more plain formula and water in sippy cup, b/c that may cause chapped lips.

For juice you can give apple or pear juice. I think they recommend no orange or other citrus juices b/c they are very acidic and hard on baby's stomach and as such not recommened until after 12mo. But best is just water.

I give DS water in sippy cup, I took the rubber stopper out of the spout, since he can't suck yet out of it, and just hold and pour it for him and let him take cup of sips at a time.

I hope this helps, I know it's soo confusing to figure out how much to feed a baby, but this seems to be the amount that all the August moms feed their kids too. I started w/ one feeding of solids at 6pm at first and after couple of weeks added the morning one and then the lunch feeding.

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