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Never heard of sma..they might but I have no clue!!

I wish my ds was eating every three to four hours during the day too. He seems to eat every 2 to 2 1/2 and lastnight was terrible he wanted to eat every hour and a half! Uh. My sister's baby was already sleeping through the night by two months (well like from 11 to 5 but thats awesome!). I wish my little man would too. I feel you weepyone!! Right now he's napping in his rocker/viberation sit thingy. Got the wrong size batteries so he's just stuck with rocking. It's nice bc this grows with him, when he's a toddler he will be able to sit in it still and rock! I'm also really excited bc now when he takes his baths..he doesnt' cry! Woohoo. The first time he didn't cry (two nights ago) I was so excited I couldn't stop praising him. He got so excited that when we laid in bed he was kicking his feet away and little arms going everywhere cooing and smiling. Also he's stopped crying when we change his diaper. Aww..there was hope! Now we just got to get little man to smile more. He's 8 weeks today so I'm going to give him time. I'm going to ask my ped if it's normal for them not to smile much (or in his case rarely at all) at this age. My sister's baby was smile away at 4 weeks and smiles all the time now.

is anyone else baby straining to poop? My little man seems to be having trouble pooping lately and I feel so bad. When he finally does its so little but he seems relevied. I know it's normal for babies to strain but I feel bad! Is there anything I can give him? Also next week he has his 2 month check up, when should I give him some baby pain meds? His appt it at 11 and my ped said to give him some since he'll be getting four shots! Thanks ladies for any help!!!!!!!

Well going to go and enjoy this rainy day and peace and quiet! This weekend my ds is spending it at grandma and papa's (my parents) so it's going to be nice to get a break! My mom thinks I need one. lol Me too. Dh and I finally got the sex life back (alittle since it hurt so bad the first time, apperantly the dr stitched me up tighter then before?! :eek: lol) so it will be nice to be able to do it without worrying if the baby will wake up. Agree ladies? lol.

Hope everyone is doing well!!!! Lots of love for you and the babies!! :wave:

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