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Hey everyone!!

Heather - when my son got sick I just let it run it's course. I use the nose sucker thingy alot lol. He had MAJOR snot. Btw, I will email you pictures of my son -- the subject will be Baby! So that way if I put my email on here they don't ban it. Are we allowed to exchange emails? Oh well here is my email addy -- [email][email protected][/email]

Let see how long that stays on!!

Mac jr is growing like crazy. He's gowing through some phase I think. I can barely get anything done or to eat bc all he wants to do is be held!! We went and got his pictures done and he was awake for the first one and slept through the rest of them. They were still cute! He was cranky as soon as we got there. Then he suddenly got hungry even though he just ate 30 mins before. SO I got on the scale with him the other day and it says he was 10lbs!! My big boy! He just can't spot growing. He's fitting in his clothes better and boy, he's going to be a tall boy! Tonight he's spending the night with my parents so I can get some sleep. Been very stressed out with money and such. Anyone know if what "off" brand I can use that is similar to Enfimal ProSobee? I'd love to buy a huge can of like parents choice or something. The three cans we get from WIC only last a week. He's up to 5oz right now and boy I'll be happy when he begins to eat soilds! One more month!!

Well I'm getting some breakfast while I can. Hope everyone is doing well. Amber I'm going to email you pictures of my ds! Anyone else want some just email me!!! I'm in my email all the time.


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