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Hi ladies!!!! :wave:

How do yall do it? DS eats 5 oz (every bottle) 3-4 hrs apart, maybe once a day after 2.5 hrs. And at night he goes 4-6 hrs between and he still weighs 15 lbs 9 oz!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! I think that its the genes. Okay and maybe the rice cereal in his night bottles. LOL. :p I told the doc that I wasnt gonna put it in every bottle like he suggested. He'd weigh 20 lbs. LOL.

DS did pretty good after his shots. He was a little fussy, just mainly sleepy. :yawn: Poor baby. I tried not to hold him too much, but Im a Momma. And who ever heard of too much. LOL. Hes fussy right now because his swing is barely going. I just changed the batteries last week. OMG!!!! :eek: And he only takes one 2 hr nap a day in it. But it was a hand me down, so Im thinking that it just might be old and its a brand that Ive never heard of. Its called JMason Open Aire Swing. Anyone heard of that brand? I may just have to buy another. Oh well.

Well DH has been keeping both DS and I awake at night with his snoring. Unfortunately DS has taken after dear ol Mom when it comes to light sleeping. We have resorted to sleeping in the nursery. I shouldnt have to leave my bed in the night because he doesnt want to roll over. He says that he works and he needs his sleep. LMAO. WOW!!!!! Men can be sooooooooo bull headed. He was like,"Quit poking me. Leave me alone." Whine bag. So all that "WHINING" woke DS up after he had only been asleep for 30 min. Thanks babe. And then he had a bottle at 5am and fell asleep at 530, but woke up as soon as I put him in his crib. So I had to get him back to sleep at 6, and then when DH left for work at 630 he came in and woke him up. Thanks again babe. :rolleyes: He says that he needs to get used to his crib. HELLO!!!!!! Hes 2 months old. Im not giving him up yet. Damn men. Anyone else dealing with similar issues?

So hows Weight Watchers ladies? I have to start mine over again. LOL. Didnt make it a week. After having that root canal finished I had noooooooo will power. Of course I was under the influence of drunk pills. Those things are awesome if your completely afraid of a dentist like me. But let me tell ya, you make a horses butt outta yourself. LOL. So glad thats done except the crown. And Im totally pissed. First off, its my dentists fault that this tooth wasnt taken care of two yrs ago. The dentist even apologized last week. Well of course it turned into a root canal that he couldnt handle so I had to see an Endodontist. Its gonna cost me $1000 out of pocket. Ive already paid $300, that I didnt have. And now I have to pay the rest in 2 payments. Im soooooooooo mad. I think they should eat it. But of course not. And I have $1500 in taxes to pay. LMAO. It just gets better. I shoulda asked them if I could pay in formula & diapers. LOL. Oh well. Thats my life. :rolleyes:

Well I better go. Gotta clean house. Like I do everyday. Im a cynic today. With a slight pinch of pessimism. LOL. Talk at ya later gators.

Heather :wave:

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