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Babygirl...we started 3 solid meals a day at 5 1/2 months. We had been doing 2 solids a day starting at 4 months.

We started at 4 months with 2 meals a day just because that's what I did. Nobody told me. I decided on my own to go to 3 meals a day...I could just tell that she could handle 3...her diapers were becoming more predictable, I got more used to and comfortable with her spit-up... just got more comfortable with the process...I don't know...I could just tell.

Plus, DD is smaller in weight & height than what other ladies have been posting here, so I took that into consideration when I was reading & asking about how much food to give. She never did (and still can't at 6 months) drink a bottle more than 4 oz at one time. Heck, I could pump more than she would drink. I would read here what other people were doing and kind of made up my own routine.

I didn't get much instruction on solids at the 4 month only instructions were to start cereals, fruits & vegies...yellows first. Keep breastfeeding. Take my cues from the baby. That's easier said than done since I was clueless. I got much more instruction at the 6 month visit than at the 4-month...probably because I had been doing solids and had more specific Q's.

As for the amount of jar food...when we were on Stage 1 (smaller 2.5 oz jars) and still on 2 meals a day (closer to the 5-5 1/2 month age), she ate about 1/2 jar of fruit or veggie plus the cereal. They eat more as they get older.

Now on the Stage 2 jars (4 oz), she eats about 1/3 jar of fruit, plus 1/3 jar veggie, plus rice cereal (made with 1oz of EBM). There have been a couple times she's eaten 1/2 jar of Stage 2 at a meal. Some days she eats less.

I don't measure anything except the EBM. Just eyeball it. Once I started eyeballing things, it seemed to get easier for me. Now, I mix the cereal and the fruit together in a bowl, and feed the veggies right out of the jar. Some days she's hungrier than others, so that's why it'e easier to eyeball it and watch the baby, and not worry so much about how much food she should or should not be eating. You can tell when they're full.

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