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Well, you could try the mashed potatoes like your grandma suggested if you think he will eat it. My son loved mashed sweet potatoes. You could also buy one of those baby food makers and make all of your own - freeze what you don't use and pull it out for each meal. I have put the food into ice cube trays and then you only have to thaw out a couple of cubes which is less wasted food. Plus remember they only really eat about 1-2 tablespoons of food at each feeding. At this age is is more for learning about eating rather than filling up their bellies.

I would also get a book on parenting. Stop listening to everyone around you and start learning about what you want to do. I did not get any advice from my ped. nor did I get much from my family (guess I was lucky with that one). I had a few books that I would use as reference. The best book I had was "The Baby Book" by Dr. Sears. Gives info on everything you would need to know. From when and what to feed them to sickness to milestones. Your mom and grandma have not raised children in many many years, things have changed sense then. There has been lots of research about things in the past few years that they might not know about.

As for your ped. I don't know if he is really old and he has old school ideas about parenting or if he thinks your baby is not getting enough nutrition. I just can't imagine a ped. forcing you to give food to a 5 month old baby when some moms don't even start the 1 teaspoon of food until they are 6 months. My son really did not take to food until he was 8 months. Even then he did not eat very much. Make sure you give formula or nurse enough. Is your son gaining weight?

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