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I agree with Kiera. Feed him the way it works for ya'll. I don't understand how you are supposed to MAKE a baby eat, I mean if I am not hungry, I can't eat. It just makes me sick. And if I am hungry and don't get to eat it makes me sick. A baby is too little to understand that dinner will be in 30 minutes just to wait or whatever. Our dr tried to get me to force more baby food on DS because he is very skinny, but I won't do it. I do make sure that when he eats he eats high calorie things, like mac and cheese, and he snacks on peas and green beans.
DS eats cereal about 9:30 then some peas and goldfish for a while after that. then about noon or so he eats some more food, then a bottle, thne some peas then about three some more food. Then about five a bottle, then some peas (he eats a lot of peas!) then about 8 some more cereal or food, then about 9;30 a bottle, then off to bed. Basically he eats all day long!

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