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Gayle - We haven't started any solids on doctor's orders till 6 months due to a mild excema rash DS has. Adjustments to diet can cause allergies to worsen. As for pumping I just started adding more sessions yesterday in the evenings 10 pm and early mornings 7 am. I have been pumping thruout the day at work, usually at 10 am and 2 pm (sometimes at lunch)

dizzygirl - I am not too nervous about trying the herbal supplement, I actually learned about it from a lactaion consultant - I am not going to take as much as the website said (3200 mg per day as stated in my previous post) but only 2 per day (1 am 1 pm) 610 mg per the bottle. I got a bottle of 200 for about $12 at a local nutrition/organic store.

FLAngel - I have thought about giving him supplements of formula but have put it off for a little while - last time we tried to give him formula (10 weeks) he wouldn't have anything to do with it. Completely refused it. If things don't work out with increasing my pumping output I'll have his caregiver mix formula and milk and see if he takes it.

My orignal goal was to breastfeed for 6 weeks, when I reached that goal I thought why not 6 months? - as the time gets closer I keep going back and forth as to continuing exclusive breastfeeding but as for now I am determined to continue as long as possible.

Thanks for all the responses to my question!

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