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KKKK!!! My fellow HG sufferer! :D So glad to hear that you and your dd are doing so well! I remember that we were both majorly suffering from awful sickness. Seems like a million years ago doesn't it? We've been rewarded with beautiful little babies.

My dd Autumn is doing great. She's 7 mths old on Saturday and has cut 2 bottom teeth. You can really see them now when she smiles. I can't get over how happy she is...she always seems to be laughing and smiling. As far as feeding goes we're still taking it slowly. Right now I give Autumn pureed apples around midday and pureed carrots (her fave) in late afternoon. I have a freezer full of pureed carrots, apples, pears, parsnips, sweet name it..but she's not taking a whole lot. My health visitor has told me not to worry about eating..she'll take a lot more as she gets older. As far as formula goes, she averages about 28 oz a day which is right where she should be. I also try to give here some apple/banana baby cereal in the AM but she's not crazy about it. *lol* DH and I are going to get her weighed this week (she was 12 lb, 13 oz on Feb 20) and we're guessing she's probably between 15-16 pounds. Autumn is also getting so long! The girl is going to be long and lean I think.
Sleeping wise, Autumn's been sleeping through the night since she was 5 weeks old. We put her down around 6.45pm and she sleeps until around 7am. She gets a bottle and will doze for another hour or so.
That's pretty much my update. I could talk for ages about dd.*lol* The sickness has pretty much cleared up I think. I had some nausea a couple mornings ago but nothing serious. I was told it could be up to 18 months before it cleared up completely but I really do think it's gone. The docs told me to wait at least 3-4 years before I have another baby and I definately plan on waiting that long!
It's so great to hear from you! I don't post very often anymore but I do pop on every now and then to read people's updates. I'll see you around. xx


How scary was your day?!! I can't believe that guy left his kids to plow into your car! I'm happy to hear he got arrested. Sorry to hear about your car getting totaled but thankfully your ds is alright. I think I would have died from the shock..either that or had a surge of adrenalin and leathered the guy! :eek:

Take care.


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