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Hello. This evening I have been looking on LLLs website after concerns have arisen regarding my 4 week old son. I am not breast feeding, I am exclusively pumping due to many problems in the beginning. I have tried unsuccessfully many times to get my son to latch on properly and nothing has worked. I have worked with 3 different consultants. I have recently resorted to supplementing with formula at night to help out since supply is up one minute & down the next. I can get anywhere from 3-7 oz at a pumping. But my son is drinking 5 oz already. If I would let him he would eat every 2 hrs. But I have been able to keep him at 3-4 hrs for the most part. He has had no problems gaining. LOL. No problems with stools or spitting up much. But he does spit up more with my milk than with formula. Stools have always looked normal, yellow to a yellowish orange & seedy, sometimes runny. However tonight I went to change him and while he was on the table he had what I am assuming is diarrhea for a better part of 10 minutes. It was bright green, runny, sometimes with bubbles in it. And there was a ton. This has happened again tonight. About 3 hrs apart. I have read that this can be an allergic reaction to something I may have eaten, a problem with Hindmilk (baby not getting enough) or if the baby is drinking large quantities of milk, then he is also consuming large quantities of lactose or milk sugar.According to LLLs website this is what they say:" If the baby is drinking large quantities of milk, then he is also consuming large quantities of lactose or milk sugar. Babies can handle a certain amount of lactose, because they make lactase--the enzyme necessary to digest that sugar--although the supply is limited. Too much milk may mean more lactose than the baby has lactase to handle, setting up a problem similar to lactose intolerance. Any of you who suffer from lactose intolerance can immediately sympathize with the discomfort that baby will feel! The high lactose content in the intestine leads to diarrhea, which is further complicated because a low fat content in the milk will cause rapid stomach emptying. Sometimes the stomach "empties in the wrong direction," causing these babies to spit up--they consume more milk than they can comfortably hold. Compounding the problem, if baby doesn't get the calories he is after, he will want to eat sooner." The later seems like the problem to me. Because he wants to eat so fast after the last feeding. I did not breastfeed or pump for my daughter so I have no idea about any of this. But isnt 5 oz of breast milk alot for a 4 week old? His doctor told me 2-4 oz when he was 2 weeks old. I told him that sometimes he would take 5 after I had tried everything else. He said that was fine and now my son is at 5. Im worried. Should I call his doctor? Give him formula to "see" if its from my milk? I just dont know what to do. Any suggestions? He had formula at his last bottle and I have frozen all but 3 bottles. I appreciate the advice. Thanks.


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