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Spitting up.
Apr 3, 2006
My DD is 2 weeks old and is breast fed exclusively. She got a bottle of formula while in the hospital and spat up, but other then that she has never spat up breast milk before... until Saturday. She not only spat up, which sort of caught me off guard, but it then came out her nose! It scared the crap out of me, and her, and it took me a long time to get her calmed down and quiet.

She's since spat up 3 more times, once more out the nose. Thank goodness for my nasal aspirator!

Is spitting up an aversion to something I've eaten, or is how she's eating? Perhaps gulping too much in the start? I haven't noticed a difference in my milk in the last few days to indicate a difference in her sucking/swallowing.

We have an appointment coming up, but I was just curious about other's experiences.
Re: Spitting up.
Apr 4, 2006
[QUOTE=North_of_60]Wouldn't that happen from birth? This just started a few days ago. :confused:[/QUOTE]

Allergies can form at any time.
My son had a problem with milk-based formula. He spit-up a lot and was extremely gassy. We had to switch to soy formula. But you BFing, I dont know what to tell you. Its completely normal for babies to spit up, even out the nose seeing as to how the anatomy is all connected. If it occurs often, it may be something you want to talk with the pediatrician about. If it only happens every now and then, I dont think there's a problem there.

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