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Well - here is my story. I am in the US and took 3 months off after my DD was born. She was Colic - so needless to say - those 3 months were a challenge....right before I went back to work she started to sleep through the night....but with help. I found she always fell asleep in the morning (or back to sleep) to my hair dryer when I used it. So I searched the Internet and found a recording of a hair dryer and she uses it each and every night and it runs on repeat in the CD player. She sleeps from about 9 PM untl about 8-9 or 10 AM the following day (Depends on weekends or work weeks etc!) but she still wakes up during the night - but she also has like 4 paci's in the crib with her. Some she throws out and they end up on the floor - some she holds and others she might suck on for a while to put herself back to sleep and then spits it out. On top of that - 2 weeks after I went back to work she started to wake at night and I thought she needed to eat too - so I fed her - she was over the weight (about 13 pounds) for when they can sleep through the night with out eating and she got used to it. So after 2 weeks of being dog tired - I had to let her CIO and since then - she has never woken to eat again.....she wakes - moves around a bit and goes back to sleep. We have a routine and she knows what to expect. She has cut 4 teeth so far - gone through 3-4 growth spurts and still will not eat over night. I give her a rice bottle at night (though lately she hasn't eaten that either so the last time she eats is at 6-7 PM now) and she still sleeps through the night. I have created a routine that tells her she needs to sleep. Rarely does she cry now - and if she does - it's for a minute or two and she is back to sleep. She is great and still takes a great nap during the day 2.5-3.5 hours long every day. So - as much as it seems mean or not right for some to do - it stunk to do it myself (CIO) the first time. It lasted two nights (the second was much shorter than the first night) - I made it through it and we still are OK and sleeping. I was totally against the CIO also - please don't get me wrong- but I survived it - and she did too.....but now I know the difference if and when there is a small cry - she isn't hungry and isn't starving either (she is 22 pounds and 29.5 inches long) so she is doing great 95% for her age......but we did go CIO and remember that when a baby reaches the weight of about 13 - 15 pounds - they really don't need to eat at night anymore.....I know it's hard - but YOUR sleep is important too. You can be a better wife and mother -etc......I know I am.....
Good Luck and let us know how this one turns out.
I'm a proud member of the CIO Club. I'm in complete agreement with Najbia and are not starving your baby at that age if you dont' feed at night. It's so far from being the truth. Don't let other's opinions make you feel like you are neglecting your baby if you choose to not feed at night at that age.

My baby is small like yours. She's 7 months and weighs maybe 15 lbs. If she has passed 15lbs, it's definitely only by a couple oz. She's short, and even at that weight...she's a chubby little baby.

Do you know what percentile you baby is in?

I stopped feeding DD in the middle of the night right at 4 months at the direction of the Ped. She was over 10 lbs. Ped said at that age & weight, DD can be sleeping 8-10 hours before needing to be fed. Anytime she was waking up, I would feed had become a HABIT. DD would wake up at 2am & 4am like clockwork.

I started not feeding her in the middle of the night cold turkey and it only took 2 nights before she didn't care about eating anymore. In fact, she started to sleep longer and better.

By teaching your baby to put themselves to sleep on their own (CIO or however you do it) at bedtime, the added bonus is they also know how to put themselves back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night. Instead of crying because they NEED someone or something to get back to sleep...they just know how to do it on their own.

Our Ped also says 6 months is the age where babies learn Action=Reaction. Everytime you go in to baby in the middle of the night when he/she cries, the baby knows that you WILL come, and you've got a bottle.

You could try slowly weaning the baby over time if you can't stop feedings altogether. Figure out how many hours baby generally sleeps before crying for a bottle/visit from mom and each night add 15 or 20 minutes before you go in. Of course, you'll most likely have to hear baby cry while you wait out that time. I personally didn't want to drag it out for long, that's why I did it cold turkey & was done in 2 nights.

Good luck with whatever you do.

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