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Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I have posted - but I have been reading. I'm sorry to all of those that have their periods back and for so long! I hope that doesn't happen! How awful!

Things are well with DS. Cooing and smiling lots. And sometimes laughing. :) He seemed to go through his 3 month growth spurt last week. My bosy's milk production is still catching up for night time feeds. And so now DS is sometimes fussy at the breast at night. I have to switch him back and forth between breasts often otherwise he lays there and cries with my nipple half dangling over his mouth and half in his mouth. Hopefully that ends soon.

Expectant - How long was your DS when he was born? 29inches now?! Did I read that right? And I thought my DS was long! He was 23.5 inches at his 2 month appt. He will be 3 months on Monday. Not sure how long he is now. DH and I keep meaning to measure him but keep forgetting. We are in the midst of moving so we have been very busy! Anyhow, 29 inches at this age is off the charts. That really isn't a typo? And did you DS sleep better before but just now isn't? Maybe it is a stage. My DS isn't doing as well with naps anymore either. And at night isn't as good as it was. We never used to have a problem at night. But now he wakes up to nurse much sooner than he used to and doesn't go straight ack down to bed like he used to. I am having to do a lot more to get him back to sleep. He used to always go straight back to bed ever since I brought him home from the hospital, but no so much now.

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