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Hello....I have not checked into this thread on a couple of months although I am still around.

Alexa is 3 1/2 months now and she weighs about 12.5 pounds. She is just beginning to drink a little more than 4 ounces and she is still sleeping well at night like she always has. She gets up once to eat and she is only awake 10 minutes to suck down her bottle and back to sleep she goes. I am no longer sleeping on the couch with her, she is in a pack and play in our room for a little while. She is able to sleep soundly in her room and I had her in there once but I felt she was so far away so I thought I would wait another month or two at the most........?

She is also very pleasant to be around....strangers and neighbors comment on how bright-eyed she is and she smiles and "talks" non-stop. She loves toys and I have had her in an exersaucer for a couple of weeks already. I got her a doll house and she loves to look at it but it is to play with in a couple of years though.

She hates tummy time so she never has gotton much time on her tummy but I am not worried because she insists on standing since she was 2 months old. So, I stand her up and she grasps my fingers and she enjoys standing but she will not go on her tummy. It has been nearly 2 months of standing now. My little sister never crawled and went straight to standing and walking and my Mom said Alexa is acting the same way my sister did at the same times so it appears I may have a walker and not a crawler which is okay with me. But she still have plenty of time before that actually happens unassisted.

As for me I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight without dieting or is just my my genes that I inherited from my Mother. I am a stay at home Mother to Alexa and I am enjoying it a lot. I could never leave her anywhere else. I am also completely done with having kids. I always wanted a girl and I got it and she is an absolute joy, but having KIDS, more than one, is NOT for me. I couldn't handle it and I love being able to focus on Alexa. I am just as mobile as I was before her but if I has more than one I wouldn't be able to pick up and go for the day like I still can now. I take her to the library, Starbucks, shopping, etc everywhere and she is good. Anyways I am looking into the IUD, maybe the one that doesn't contain hormones and then the pill on top of that if possible??????..........

I have also been going to garage sales in my area and have been getting awesome toys for Alexa. Anyone that knows me knows I am picky when it comes to stuff like that but I got her exersaucer for $15.00 brand new because their was an unwed Mom and Dad of a baby and the Mom took the baby away from the Dad after she purchased items for it and that is how I ended up with a new saucer! I found a couple of dresses and a pair of new Old Navy sandals for her next summer. I also get a lot of great books from those sales too.

I should go read up on everyone else's posts........great to talk to you all again and I hope all is well. :D

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