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Oh AZ I so feel your frustration! My body is still wrecked from having my first and he will be 2 in a month! I never really did lose the dark line down the middle before I got prego again and my stretch marks just got worse. I am 5 lbs away from where I was pre-pregnancy and I can't fit into my clothes properly. I still have a fairly large and flabby baby belly and it's rather embarassing. I can do up the shorts and pants but I have to literally tuck my fat into the pants so it's not hanging over the top! Sorry, tmi.
My second ds is 4 weeks old today and I have a wedding to go to in 3 weeks. I have nothing to wear and don't want to go buy an outfit for one, maybe two occassions and then not be able to wear it again. I am in the same boat as you.
However, I didn't lose all the weight after my first. I started off at 125 and was close to 160 when I got prego the second time. That's 35lbs I still have on me from the first pregnancy! Sucks.
Why don't you just buy some comfy shorts and wear a bikini top under a loose t-shirt for now? I went swimming when I was pregnant and that 's what I did.
Good luck!
[QUOTE=AZ24]steph and sickofit- I'm right there with you with the weight. I gained just over 50 lbs with my dd, and I lost 30-35 right away. I am stuck with the rest. I'm back to the gym about 4 X/week -running, eliptical machine, weights, etc...but the weight just won't come off. The scale is stuck. I'm not used to being so big and not pregnant! I HATE IT! I am 147 lbs right now! UGH!!! :rolleyes: [/QUOTE]AZ, I'm at 149 lbs and I started out at 125. Everyone's telling me that I look great and that I don't need to lose more weight and basically to shut up that THEY actually have weight problems and I'm being inconsiderate with my complaining... but I've never had to worry about my weight before and I'm just not used to it. I'll be fine I think once I get back into my regular clothes even it's not at 125lbs.

My biggest weight problem right now is my boobs. I know that a lot of people say they wish they had big boobs and to stop complaining but this is ridiculous. I went from a 34C to a 40DD during my pregnancy, I'm smaller now (DD bra is too big, but C bra is still way too small.. and I haven't gotten a chance to shop). I know that breasts are fat, but I don't seem to be losing there at all. They are saggy and low and just gross. I really want to lose the weight to see what size I end up with because then I can make an appointment for a breast reduction consult. My dh already said we can take out a loan if we have to because I am so upset about this. God it's really depressing.

and I jinxed myself in a post the other day sayign I hadn't gotten my period yet! I woke up with it yesterday. Not too heavy. I'm not even 6 weeks post yet so it was pretty unexpected.

Well thanks for listening to my rant. Hope everyone's precious bundles are doing great. :D

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