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Our daughter, Alexa, breaths fast sometimes too Steph, usually when she is sleeping. I assume it is normal because you experience the same thing and I also think it just may be a dream......but she does the same thing.

As far as feeding, she is suppose to eat 1-2 ounces. If she is really hungery she will eat 2 ounces, but not likely. Usually just an ounce or so. She is bottle fed with formula and she bowel movements are yellow with seeds?! Anyone elses baby go like this? We always ask her where she ate seeds at.

Anyone experiencing the "baby blues"? I cried a few times a couple of nights ago. I just felt overwhelmed with her here and how our lives have changed forever. I was also always nervous and unsettled with anticipation of the approaching evenings. It will be one week tonight since I have had her and I am feeling better. It is taking some time getting used to her and my body use to getting up at night. I am also trying to solely take care of her at night she when my husband goes back to work he won't have to worry about getting up.

I also have to hold her at night too! I sit up on the chaise end of our couch and I sleep sitting up with her in my arms. When I set her in her papasan bouncer chair she doesn't sleep as long or doesn't at all and usually not when we put her in the pack and play or her crib. It has been less than a week and we have plenty of time to figure out where she will sleep best. I also think they just like to be close to us especially from coming from inside of us all wrapped up tight and warm. I know it takes time to establish a schedule and the earliest they say a baby can be spolied is 3/4 month mark or even 6 months.

Does anyone baby cry or cry for a while just to cry? I am just wondering.....Alexa rarely cries at all and if it is it is actually a slight fuss like when she is hungery and I am taking too long to make the bottle. I try not to talk to her at night so she can learn the difference between day and night as well. I read it is best to make it boring for them at night.

I hope you get plenty of rest this week while you have some time by yourself with the the way what day did you deliver on?

Thats all for now! :) I am so glad I have all of you to share and ask questions with! :)

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