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Is there anyone who is not breastfeeding.....because my question is, how long did it take you for your milk to dry up? I gave birth nearly three weeks ago now and I still have milk and I have not breastfeed or pumped at all, just bottle fed formula exclusively. I have been wearing tight sport bras like reccommended. I already went through a large box of breast pads and it looks like I am going to have to invest in some more tonight! Why am I not drying up?
Hi everyone

Soo busy!!!! I need some advice!!! I have been breastfeeding and a-i-d-e-n is good to latch on durng the day but shocking at night and even fights me off. Therefore i have been expressing milk the past few days for night time feeds but as you can imagine its quite exhausting having to breastfeed during the day and then express in between at least 3 bottles for his night time feeds. I am considering doing part breast feeding and part formula for the night time shifts. To those who are formula feeding - do you find your little ones sleep better with formula at night???

I am absolutely knackered as he is up every couple of hours at night time and i juts dont think i can contimu like this for my own sanity. My entire day time is spent with me trying to catch up on sleep in bettween feeds and expressing.

Basically my question is - is it ok to do part and part????? And in Australia they really push breastfeeding exclusively and so of course i feel guilty even contemplating formula!!!! I dont know what to do :(
wow, there is a whole lot to read lately! I guess we are all more or less settling into some form of a routine. LOL!
I had a horrible time with DD this weekend but i think it was my fault as i breastfeed exclusively now and i think it was something i ate that didnt agree with her AT ALL. The whole weekend she was fussy and crying and not sleeping well at all. She would take 5-10minute naps and wake up mad, she also starting "snacking" at the breast instead of eating like usual. She'd eat for 5-10minutes then start crying and kicking and pushing me away. Then an hour or so later be hungry again and start the whole thing all over. It was so hard as she also did not want to be put down. I even tried to give her a bottle of formula and she would not take it. She is much better since last night though. She slept the longest she has ever slept, I woke up this morning and actually panicked as i thought something had happened to her since she did not wake up for her 3am feeding!LOL! She went to sleep around 1:15am and woke at 6:40a, ate, got a diaper change and went right back to sleep. I couldnt believe it! I think now she is catching up on all the sleep she missed this weekend, which is fine because i am too. I guess i will just have to be more careful about what i eat.
Im glad everyone seems to be doing better. congrats to the new mommies joining us!
Wendy- Im sorry i cant really help you out with your ds, my daughter has periods of the day when she does things such as that but it is definately not 24/7. Maybe you should see your ped again and stress to him how much this concerns you. Swaddling sounds like something to try. Esp when hes sleeping it will keep his little arms and legs still so he can rest. My dd does not like being swaddled too much. sometimes she'll tolerate it, mostly no. but then again she is very hot natured and gets overheated very easily.
Well hope everyone is well!!

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