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Maybe someone could answer this question for me. I know doctors say no sex, tampons, etc for at least 6 weeks after birth.........however, if you have a c-section, why do the same rules apply? I had a c-section, and my doctor really couldn't answer that question. It was really weird.
When I went into the doctors today to have my incision looked at, the nurse asked me if I had started my period. I haven't due to breastfeeding. I asked my doctor if I do get my period, if I can wear tampons. He said that it has been almost 3 weeks since the section, so it should be fine. I'm confused now. What do you think? :confused:

Hey ladies. I haven't posted in awhile and was just reading up on the last few days posts. I noticed a lot of you talking about your babies sleeping through the night or for really long stretches. As far as I have read, a baby under 6 weeks should not go longer than 5 hours with out eating. Then, they should not go longer than 8 hours after that until week 8 or so. Anyone else hear the same thing.

I read a book which follows the eat/wake/sleep pattern. I don't think I am aloud to post the title of the book. (BABY ****) Anyways, it has been a little difficult keeping my dd on schedule. She will be 4 weeks this Friday. She has a big fussy period at night, and it is hard to put her down to sleep.

Question to you: Is everyone wearing breast pads? I have to wear them because I have "let down" all the time (randomly). I would be soaked all the time if I didn't. The only problem can totally see the pads through my shirt. I can't find any shirts that you can't tell I'm wearing them. It is embarrassing. What is everyone else doing? :confused:

Another question: I gained 50 lbs during my pregnancy. Within the first 2 1/2 weeks I lost 30 lbs. Now I have 20 to go. I haven't lost anything since! I maybe eat 1000 calories a day, I don't eat unhealthy, I'm breastfeed exclusively, so what could be the problem? Why aren't I still losing? I started back to the gym 2 days ago. I'm trying not to overdo it, since I'm still healing from my c-section. What do you think? :confused:

be careful at the gym 4 weeks after a c section, i know i felt fine after mine but the doc said you take months to heal on the inside scar no sit ups for at least 12 weeks take it easy. oh and i tend to agree with you about the feeding gaps when baby is little but mine is 9 weeks and goes up to 5 rarely 6 hours at night. take care :) oh and if you are bf your supply might dry up if you are only eating 1000 cals per day plus this is not good for anyone let alone a busy mom as your body will be in a state of starvation and if there are days you over eat from hunger your biody will store it as fat as 1000 cals a day if starvation period. take care the weight will drop off soon i am 9 weeks pp now and have abot 6-8 pounds to go and i had gained approx 3 stone in pg.
Erin, don't be discouraged about the weight gain and breast milk supply. At first, my dd, Tatum and I were having an issue with breastfeeding. I was bleeding, cracked, etc. I saw a lactation consultant who had a baby scale with her. She had me strip her down and weigh her, feed her, then weigh her again after just 10 min. She had eaten 4 oz! I am able to see her at a "mom's group" once a week, where she brings her scale for any of the mom's to use. My dd was 8lbs, 1 oz at birth and now she is 10 lbs, 5oz! She turned one month on the 12th. I strictly breastfeed, and she only eats for about 10-15 min. per feeding. I am sure your baby is getting enough. You would know if she wasn't if she wasn't having enough wet diapers and/or she wasn't sleeping soundly or for a long period of time. Hope that helps you feel better. :)

I'm so jealous of those of you near or at your prepregnancy weight. I still have 20lbs and it has been 32 days since I had my c-section. I am feeling very discouraged, since I have not lost a lb. in about 2 weeks. :rolleyes:


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