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Re: Bowel problem?
Apr 10, 2006
How old was your son again? Sorry, too many babies on here to keep track of. lol My Ds is 7 months and he's had problems with constipation as well as really solid stools when he does go. We were told to start him on proteins at 6 months and they seem to be tough on him. Here's what they told us to do. Lots of fruits and veggies like others have said, bananas are one to limit though. They told us to increase his amount of fluids outside of his formula. 4 oz of juice a day, apple, pear and prune are good ones. It has something to do with the type of sugar in those ones, I can't remember what. Also, he should have 4 oz of water as well. I use the adult juices so I mix them half and half and try to give him 2.5 oz at every meal.

We were also told we can give him bran in his foods. You can buy the Bran Buds cereal, mash it really fine and sprinkle a bit in everything he eats. That will help get him alot more fibre. You need to make sure your baby is fine with wheat before you start that. You can use other cereals but I know one thing about oatmeal is although it's a fibre, you need to really make sure there's alot of fluids going in as well. You know that gelatiny thing that happens with oatmeal, that can happen in your intestine as well so lots of fluid is needed to counter that. I've actually used oatmeal to bind when diarreha is present.

If he's really constipated they told us to try brown sugar in his formula/bm. 1 tsp per oz. She said to give him two bottles a day of that. 3 if it's really bad. You only want to go that way for a short time if you really have to since you don't really want them getting used to sugar in their bottles. They prefer trying that over laxatives as their bowels can start to depend on laxatives if they get them too often. The warning she gave me on that one is that it doesn't soften the poo like a laxative does, it makes their intestines less permeable to fluids so it helps push the poo out. That being said, the poo is really hard and it can be painful to pass at first. It worked for Ds when he was really bad but it did hurt and he screamed. It took a few minutes of torture for him, and mom as well trying to soothe him but then he felt way better.

We were just told that alot of babies have trouble with that at first but if you start doing things with it early, ie. the bran, they'll get used to it and it'll seem normal to them.

Good luck!

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