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Ds just is 7.5 months as well now. It's funny, everytime I think it's been the best month yet with him, it gets better. It's his personality and the things he can do now. Even today he was so grouchy, a monster really, but at the very end he gave me the funniest smile and it made up for it. He can sit for short periods on the floor by himself. I have to sit with him because when he does tip, he does a face plant. He stands well with a little help or something to grab and he's getting the standing from sitting with a little help from me. No crawling though. He still rolls all over to grab things. Diaper changing is starting to become a really tough job. I have to clear the area for any distractions or else he flips over halfway through changing. You can imagine when doing a poopy one how fun that is.

He still isn't that fond of being on his tummy so sometimes I get a good laugh when he rolls onto it and then gets angry about being that way. I laugh and tell him to roll back. He can, but he gets frusterated and won't do it. We had a good Easter. DS made an bright pink egg, and got a bright pink hand but we got a cute picture. He also sucked the ears off a small chocolate bunny. Don't get me wrong, I don't feed him sweets but it was a special occasion. No teeth to rot out yet. He loved it anyway. He was clamped on to that thing and he was not letting go. The only thing he didn't like was his cousins. They are 8 and 10. Ds is not used to children and he was afraid of them. They really wanted to be around him but he wouldn't have any of it. Believe it or not I don't have many friends with kids so it's hard to expose him to them. Have to wait for daycare I guess.

Speaking of teeth, I get that too Gayle. People are always saying his are coming in as well. There isn't a tooth in his head anywhere. All the signs they keep telling me are things he's been doing for months and nada. I just kinda go yeah maybe while I'm thinking no they are not. lol

I'd better get to bed because I'm sure he'll be up early again. He was sleeping in his own room till just about 9 in the a.m. I was waking him up some mornings! We had to move him into ours for a few days while we do a little painting around his. Now that he knows I'm in there, he's up again at 6:30-7. He'll go back to sleep but not before he hoots and hollers at me until I'm wide awake.

One quick question, has anyone noticed baby changing shape physique wise lately? Ds, probably because he's getting longer and moving more is losing some of his baby chub! He still looks healthy but definitely slimmer than before. I just noticed quite a big change in him, anyone else?


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