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Hello Everyone!

It's been a few days since I have had a chance to post. Since starting work (even though it's only a few hours a morning) it seems like each day is flying by!

Rebbie it's great to hear from you! I also have a Bumbo. We love it although it was ages after we bought it before Autumn could actually sit in the thing. She was way too skinny to use it. We still have to use a blanket to fill it up when she sits in just wearing something light. Did you have that problem? Now whenever she sits in it she stretches out her legs and tries to get out. *lol* She actually looks like she's trying to stand up out of the chair to walk off!

Autumn is doing great. She can roll all over the place now so easily and works her way across the room. As far as sitting goes she's getting a lot better at balancing herself and is going from the sitting position into the crawling postion. DH and I think she'll be crawling very soon. Autumn also loves to stand! She has such strong little legs and can stand quite well with support.

I got so excited the other day! Autumn was bouncing around in one of those bouncer things that you suspend from the door frame when all of a sudden I heard her say "hiya!". She said it clear as day! Whenever DH and I pick her up from a nap or in the mornings we always say "hiya". We say it to her all the time in fact. *lol* Anyway, Autumn said that so clearly and I got so excited I had to call my mom back in Ohio. :D She was happy and thought it was cool. Autumn is always saying "dada" so it was fun to hear "hiya". Today she said "hi" and gave me a big smile afterwards. She's such a doll!

Autumn's cheeks have gone scarlet again so we think she's teething again. It's around this age that the top teeth are suppose to come through so that's probably what's happening. I've noticed that whenever she's teething she likes to sleep more. She slept longer when her bottom teeth were coming through and now that she's teething again she's taking 2 naps a day and getting cranky before her bedtime. Bless her.

Weaning is still going ok. Autumn eats either Wheeabix or ReadyBrek in the mornings, some fruit for lunch and then a couple of different veggies for dinner. We've cut out another bottle feed so she's down to 4 feeds a day. I plan on dropping another one sometime soon. I'm keeping the major feeds (first one in the AM, the bedtime feed and the midafternoon feed) and just dropping the minor ones. So far she's not missing the dropped feed and is taking a bigger bedtime feed and sleeping a lot deeper at night. I know that milk is still an important part of her diet right now. I won't drop the next feed until I meet with the HV. I've also gotten Autumn onto both the sippy cup and the regular cup (the Diody cup..anyone else use one?). She's taken to both of them very well. We still only give her water...we won't start on juice anytime soon.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it but we're going back to the States for a visit at the end of August and staying for a few weeks. We'll be celebrating Autumn's first birthday with my parents. I CAN'T WAIT!! I'll probably talk of nothing else between now and then. For those of you who know the problems we've had with my SIL ('ve heard it all..*lol*) you should have seen her the look I got from her when I told her a few weeks ago. Her face could have stopped a clock. I want Autumn's first birthday to be a fun, pleasant, quiet and happy day. Not a huge stressful nightmare which is what it would be if we were around DH's family. Well, not his parents..just his sis. Even though it's still a way off I'm already planning the big day. :) I don't want anything that's going to overwhelm Autumn. Just a nice BBQ with close family.

Well I better go for now. I've rambled long enough. *lol* I hope all is well with everybody. Take care.

Nicole x
Hi Nicole. Glad to hear from you. We're having a scorching hot summer here with lots of humidity. Yesterday the heat index here was 115 degrees. Hopefully the humidity will break before you get here.

Ava is 10 months now. She's crawling everywhere. She can now go from sitting to standing on her own without the help of anyone or anything. She can stand by herself and stay standing for quite a while...maybe a minute or so. If she's playing with a toy while standing, she gets wobbly...but when she falls down, it's pretty controlled & she lands on her butt.

For food, she primarily eats solids. As of 2 days ago, I've got her weaned off the breast! Woo Hoo!!!! It was easier than I thought it would be. She is on whole milk, and (per the Ped) takes about 20 oz a day. The only bottle she gets is bedtime since it's 7 oz now. The remaining 13 oz for the day I measure out and she drinks it thru a straw with meals & snacks throughout the day. It's also pretty nice not having to deal with the jar food anymore! She prefers table food over her bottles.

Ava still doesn't have any teeth! I can see and feel the bumps below the gums, but I've felt those for a couple months now. One of these days they'll come. I'm not too worried.

I've lost 60lbs of the 70lbs I gained with the pregnancy. Now that she is off the breast, I can start cutting calories and just be done with it. My boobs are basically back to normal. A little bigger but not by much...just hoping they don't sag now. I've been working on the weaning for a after having her off the breast for only 2 days, I'm surprised I'm not engorging.

She is babbling all over the place. I think the only "word" she really knows is "Ba" (bottle). She says it everynight when I make her bottle...and she say's it first. I think she might know Ma and Da...but she's been making these sounds for a while so I'm still not sure if she's babbling or trying to communicate.

Gotta go for now. I'll write more later.

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