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sue, when my dd was at that age she was fine transitioning to the whole milk...we actually watered it down for the first 2 weeks...3oz water and 5oz milk, gradually coming off the water....she was fine as can be

now my ds, he's 15 months, i started him with the milk water mix at 11 months old, he wouldnt take the formula so i had to do something...he wouldnt take un-warmed formula and he wouldnt take un-warmed milk...which was fine, i could deal...

he would get watered down juice, cold, but milk was 1 i took the pacifier 13 months the bottles stayed in the cabinet and onto sippy cups, still he needed warmed's only now will he talk un-warmed milk...this is because when we went out to the mall or lunch with nana or shopping for the day i wasnt about to run around to find a way to warm it, so instead i bought him chocolate or strawberry milk...he played with it at first but now he is used to the cold milk...there are still those nights he needs it warmed, those are usually his teething nights, and the times he was sick with a headcold i would warm, just so he could sleep easier, but i didnt push the cold milk on him at first, i gave it to him mother taught me that a child no matter what age knows how their stomach is reacting better than we can determine, any cold drink could set off spazms

to this day, DD is 3 and DS 15 months, neither child wakes up and gets milk, they get dry cereal and watered juice first, then we sit down for breakfast...i found i had less spit ups, my dd had a pour stomach since she was born and the car motion would make her vomit the milk instantly so by doing this she wouldnt throw up anymore in the car..

each child is different and even if you want to make things easier on you you have to think about the child...

my dd was a soy baby, projectial vomiting everything first month she was born and finally i got her to hold down soy formula....both my kids ate solids early as 1 dd needed the solids to weigh down formula and 2 ds was a hungry baby and still out eats his sister

good luck

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