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Hey Robyn! I hear ya on most bed times being around 7 or 730pm - but not all people have a schedule that will allow for that. You can make it 8pm for you! my hubby gets home at 6pm at the EARLIEST - so a 7 or 730pm bed time is well - not great... I would like him to be able to spend 2 hours or so with the baby.

She fell to sleep tonight at 745pm - after eating. I can't pin point a bed time yet for her - its anywhere from 7-9pm. depending on how she slept during the day. And no matter what anyone says - i don't see how you can keep a baby awake - LOL! mine just goes down (usually with a couple loud yells) letting off steam I guess - and then out COLD. LOL! I guess I should try doing a routine around 730pm so she is sleeping at 8pm.... ???? or start it at 8pm and be done by 830pm...

We are going to try putting her in her crib for (night time) in her own room on saturday... wish me luck. I will let you know how it goes!!!!

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