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I'm not saying you're doing anything wrong because I really don't know myself. I just follow the instructions of our Ped. DD is 7.5 months old, and this is what we're doing at least until we go back to the Ped at 9 months:

Ped told me I should be giving both fruit and a veggie at every solid meal to make sure overall nutrients are present at each meal.

He also told me I should be breastfeeding (or formula if I stop BF) before I offer the solids because milk/formula is still the primary nutrient source even though she's on solids.

I cannot comment on the oz of formula because I BF. When DD takes a bottle of EBM with a meal (when I'm gone & DH feeds her...which is RARE) she gets the bottle after the solids because my milk supply in the freezer is starting to run low & not as abundant as a couple months ago. When she takes a bottle after a solid meal, she only drinks about 3-4 oz. I think as a snack bottle, I'd probably start with 4 oz & then see if she wanted more.

Here's our schedule:
4-5am: DD wakes up to breastfeed. Back to bed.

7-8am: Breastfeed. Then give 1oz EBM or water with 2 level tablespoons cereal. I mix about 1/2 jar fruit in with the cereal. Then about 1/2 jar veggies. (The amount of cereal I use is just what it takes to get the consistency she likes best...not from Ped instructions).

10-10:30am-ish: Breastfeed. I give crackers or other table foods to play with/eat as a snack because she really doesn't eat table foods as a meal yet.

12:30-1pm-ish: Same solid meal as above.

3:30-ish: Breastfeed. Snack as above.

6pm: Same solid meal as above.

8pm: Breastfeed and bed.

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