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I think I'm going to pack the swing up, the last time I put Kaden in it because he wouldn't sleep, I went in about 10 minutes later to find him sitting up and the swing couldn't swing with his weight distributed like that he can sit himself up in it I think its done...I could just picture him leaning a bit further forward and getting stuck hanging upside down.

One of my books mentioned that we may find they have temporary sleep disturbances around now because they are so excited they are learning how to crawl, walk, stand that they want to practise...the book said it would be temporary.

Kaden has gotten better with his abusiveness...remember a while ago I mentioned how he would hit or pull hair, he stopped hitting and now only occasionally pulls hair...I think he knows what "Be Nice" means now. So it's probably just a stage they go through, you just have to teach them how to be nice...whenever he'd be rough, I would hold Kadens hand and help him gently rub his hand down my face and say "Nice" at the same time...he'd laugh.

Funny how you said Avery likes the remote, so does Kaden, the other day DH was holding him and the next thing I hear is Kaden crying as if it was the end of the world...I walked in the living room and asked what happened and it was because DH tried to take the remote away to change the channel. LOL...needless to say DH gave the remote back real quick.

I enjoyed both pregnancies the same...I found I was able to have more rest and relaxation with the first one though because I could nap whenever I wanted...but when I was pregnant with Kaden I had Kierra at home and I couldn't nap when I wanted, and I was running around with her or dealing with everyday life with a 2 year old so I was much more tired. Plus I think because I had already been through pregnancy and labour, my body seemed to change much quicker so I think the last trimester was tougher because I was bigger and things just ached more. But otherwise I'd do it all over again if I were younger...which reminds me I gotta get DH to re book that vasectomy again...I swear he just cancelled it because he was too scared to go through with it.

Kaden will usually eat most of his veggies (as long as he likes them) if he starts to get fussy I'll alternate a spoon of fruit then a spoon of veggies and he will usually finish all his food. Or if he is really cranky about the veggies, I will just mix the fruit right in the veggies...but since I've been adding tablefood to his food he seems to not be as picky anymore, the flavour must be more appealing...I just cut up/mash some of whatever we are eating for supper and add it to his cereal and veggies and that seems to do the trick. Kierra did the same thing once I started feeding her tablefood...almost as if she was refusing baby food and requesting tablefood. Maybe that is his signal that he wants more flavour from the tablefood. Try adding some tablefood in and see if that helps....I add mashed pasta, veggies, finely cut up meat, small bit of gravy, whatever it is we are eating, so is he...along with his baby food/cereal.

Kaden will take a bottle [B]occasionally[/B]...but only if he is still half asleep and doesn't realize its a bottle, otherwise he wont have anything to do with it, which is why I think weaning him will be harder than it was with Kierra. I told a friend of mine and she said...."Yeah...boys really do like their boobs" LOL

My boss called me yesturday and wants me to come back to work early...he said even if it's just one day a week because he is having a huge problem with staff...I hope he realizes now how good he has it with me. I don't think he realized how much work I actually did before. I think I may help him out...I called the unemployment office and I can earn up to $89.00/week before they start deducting my unemployment I can work about a 5 hour shift a week...which isn't that bad....but I know I have my work cut out for me.

We bought a tent trailer this week. :bouncing: We are camping lovers so it'll be nice to have a tent trailer with the kids rather than the tent. They make tent trailers so much nicer now then they used to...I remember when I was about 6 we went camping and I woke up one morning at about 4 or 5am because the sun was just coming up but my legs were sooo cold...turns out I somehow had slipped one leg out the side snaps or velcro of the trailer so it was hanging out there and I had about 150 mosquito bites....imagine what someone walking by to go to the bathrooms must have thought seeing a leg hanging out of the end of a trailer. LOL They don't make them open like that nowdays so that won't happen again. This trailer even has hot water and an outdoor shower so I can hose the kids down or fill a tub to wash them. We are going camping the first weekend in June.

I forgot to mention yesturday....did anyone watch Mondays Dr.Phil show? I cried like you would not believe! It was about a Mom of 5 kids between the ages 7months and 10 years who wrote in because she is scared her anger will permanently hurt her kids if she doesn't get help. They showed video from her home and she was hitting her kids and verbally abusive and it was sooo sad. I cried and asked Kierra to come so I could hug her and tell her I love her, she asked why I was crying and I said because that Mommy was very mean to her kids and I felt sorry for the kids and I never want to be a mean Mommy like her and Kierra said,"Don't worry Mommy, you'll be normal" She made me smile but I felt such sadness for those poor little kids. I'm anxious to see if Dr.Phil will have them back on to see if the Mom did turn things around. Then lastnight I was watching House and it was about a mother who had some sort of liver condition I think that caused her to hillucinate and hear voices and she went into convusions while having a bath and her newborn baby almost drowned then while in the hospital when both Mom and Baby were getting better (so they thought) the Mom tried smothering the baby..the baby ended up passing away and then they figured out what was wrong with the Mom later...but I cried again! I know thats just a show but it makes you think about the fact that things like that do happen in the world and sometimes the Moms don't even have any conditions that make them do that, sometimes they just don't want their babies...this is why if we ever have another baby it will be a baby we adopt from someone who doesn't want it....we will give that baby the love and nurturing they deserve.

OK....I've rambled on long enough...sorry guys, I don't ever mean to write as much as I do, I just keep forgetting to say things.
Glad you figured out what was making him so cranky...hopefully it was just that it was too early for him and now an intolerance thing.

Kaden has been trying to crawl on his knees more but if he wants to get something or somewhere fast he'll do the army crawl....when he actually STAYS on the floor...he is CONSTANTLY wanting to stand and now that he knows how to pull himself up he is standing most times.

The other day DH and I were sitting on opposite couchs and Kaden was standing next to the couch beside me...he waved at DH (because thats a new thing he likes to do now) and then he was holding his arm up diagonally across his face and giving DH a poker stare...but he kept his arm up over his face (kinda like when you lift your arm across diagonally to apply deodorant)... :confused: ...we couldn't figure out what he was doing...then I figured it out...I said..."Peek a Boooo!" and he got so excited...he had been trying to play peek a boo but needed to hold onto the couch with one hand so that was his way of doing it...then he'd look down but cover just one eye...he thought because he couldn't see us that we couldn't see him, so I'd say "Peek a Boooo!" again and he loved it. Then he started burying his face in the couch...literally doing a face plant right into the couch cushions! And I'd say,"Daddy...where's Kaden?" and he'd throw his head up and giggle, it was so cute/fun to play games with him.

I gave Kaden a haircut today...his hair has been growing over his ears and he had this thinning spot on the middle of the back of his head from rolling his head side to side when he is laying down/sleeping or sitting in his carseat or whatever, so I took DH's mini trimmer (smaller than a regular trimmer but bigger than a nosehair's used for goatee's and facial hair) and I trimmed the sides and lower back of his head, I kept the top longer. It looks so cute, he looks like he has a grown up haircut now. He was good, but he kept trying to see the trimmer and DH wasn't holding him as well as I would have liked so one side of his ear isn't the same as the other, but it's not that noticble, I may even it up tomorrow. I kept some hair for his scrapbook and took pictures before and after but I honestly don't know if you'll be able to tell the difference in the pictures, it really wasn't much hair at all since that part of his hair was thinner than the top to begin with. I can see the difference but I don't think others would notice.

I agree it is the law to pig out when you go camping...I just did a weather forecast and it looks like it may rain this weekend so I am hoping it doesn't because we are really excited to go.

I did look into the radiology, well, kinda, I had hoped to get a government grant to be able to upgrade while I was on maternity leave...I was told that they give government grants to people on EI to train them to get into better paying jobs etc...but when I went, I guess it's different if you are on EI for maternity leave, so they said because of how much money DH and I made last year that I wouldn't qualify for a I am going to wait for a little while before I start upgrading on a part time basis and then once both kids are in school full time I will hopefully go back to school full time into radiology. I just figure with a baby and a 3 year old I am drained right now and it would be either my schooling or my parenting that would suffer if I chose to do both right I'll focus on the kids now and the career later.

Well, I should go, I think I'm going to head to bed, I ended up staying up until 3:30am lastnight...I got carried away with scrapbooking after my girlfriends left...I had only wanted to finish up a page or two but didn't realize how late it actually was. So I'm going to try and catch up on some sleep tonight and tomorrow morning...DH's turn to get up with the kids.
Talk to you all soon.

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