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Thanks guys for trying to make me feel better. It's been couple of days now and I do feel better, don't have that sick feeling in my stomach anymore, but still think about it a lot. But you're all absolutely right, there were other houses that we wanted and didn't get for various reasons, and after the fact were happy, so I gotta think that same will happen this time too. It's just so discouraging b/c this town is small and it takes a while before any new houses come on the market. If we lived in Vancouver again, I wouldn't break a sweat.

Well AF finally came 2 days ago, I guess the cycles will take a while to regulate themselves.
Avery crawling much better now, keeps going after the dog's food all the time, no matter where I put it. Yesterday I gave him some strawberries and while I was feeding him I noticed a wide spread red rash all over his legs and arms, shortly after that he had a diarrhea (eventhough earlier that morning he was really constipated). This am his poop was back to normal. It's really strange b/c I gave him strawberry jam/baby food many times before and this is the first time that this happen. I will hold it off for a month and then try again.

He is not sleeping well, wakes up once at least, and then is really hard to put down. The gum in the back of his mouth is blenching and red. Plus he really is acting like he was when he was getting his front teeth (not as extreme, luckly )

I'm glad you guys tried the 'throw the ball' game. Avery was not into it at first either, and now will throw everything back at me, even his pacifier when I'm driving w/ him in the car, which makes for an interesting trip, when I have things flying above my head (DH put the car seat facing farward by mistake, I don't know how you make that mistake, so i had Avery facing me for couple of trips, which was nice, but today I will turn it around again)

Well, I'm going to go and do some work around the house, now that we still don't have one, I'm determined to make this one more comfortable.

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