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Thats so cute I probably would have laughed too...good thing you shared your story...I'll have to remember to stiffle my giigle and just lay him back down when he figures that part out...right now all he does is roll or pull himself to the far end of his crib...closest to the door, and he lays on his belly watching until you come in.

Kaden sometimes rolls over and falls asleep on his belly too...I leave him as long as he is in the middle of his crib, if he's near the bumper pads I will turn him over, but I weaved his bumper pads in and out between each bar of his crib so there is more breathing space if he does roll up next to it...I had thought of removing the pads altogether but lately Kaden has been getting his feet/legs caught in the bars more often and I know if I do remove them that it will happen alot more so I may keep them on longer.

To get Troy cruising along the furniture sit on the ground (for catching purposes) and stand him up next to the couch, then take one of his favorite toys and put it at one end of the couch and help him walk over and get the toy...then move the toy to the other side so he has to walk back the other way...I just kept moving the toy back and forth so he'd practise...the first couple days he was a bit unsteady but the more we did it the better he got.

I find Kaden doesn't nurse much during the day...but don't forget the little monster wakes his Mom up every 4 hours at night for feedings's a rough idea of what we do starting with our evening schedule...

*He has cereal and veggies and fruit at 8:30pm and nurses to top him off before bed...he's in bed by around 9pm.
*He'll usually wake up at 1,5,8 to nurse
*We get up for the day between 10 and 11 and he'll eat cereal and veggies and fruit and cheerios (because he likes to feed himself his finger foods) shortly after he gets up.
*Then about 1 1/2 hours later he'll nurse and go for a nap.
*Shortly after he gets up from his nap, if he gets cranky, he might nurse and have a snack (fruit, bread or cheerios). And have lunch with Kierra and I...either cereal and veggies and fruit or he may have soup and crushed crackers (unsalted) with his finger foods (bread or cheerios or puffed wheat)
*He eats with all of us at supper time, he'll have cereal and veggies and fruit again and some table food as well as his finger foods.
*Then we do the 8:30pm feeding again and complete the cycle.

But I find nursing during the day that he doesn't drink much at all, it's almost as if he's scared he's going to miss something because he's always stopping to look around or squirming.

I tried giving him formula the other day...hoping that maybe he'd drink it so he'd sleep longer...that was a waste...I swear this kid is going to be attached at the boob until he starts kindergarden! LOL joking...with Kierra I nursed her to 9 months then did formula until she started whole milk after her 1st birthday...I was hoping Kaden would start taking formula so I could possibly wean him...but I don't think this is going to be easy...I think I may have to nurse him until he's onto whole milk...if he even takes that! I tried putting the formula in a sippy cup and he still didn't drink it.

Well, I should go. I can hear Kaden is playing in his crib, he hasn't even slept yet...he's fighting his nap.
Kaden eats pretty much anything we eat, although I limit spicy, salty and greasy foods. Otherwise I cut it up very small, even smaller for items that aren't easily broken down by gumming them alone. He still does eat baby cereal and jarred foods, but at least 3 times a day I let him feed himself with his finger foods too. He really likes those whole wheat Breton crackers too, they are very fragile and break off easily and he doesn't need to have that broken up for him I give him the whole cracker so he thinks he's a big boy and just loves it. Sometimes when Kaden tries something new he spits it out right away but after he TASTES it and I give him another spoonful he always likes it and eats the rest of it...also sometimes I've noticed if he picks it up and doesn't like the way it feels, he won't put it in his mouth until I put a piece of it in there FOR him, just so he gets a taste of it, then he is all over it.

He drinks water and diluted apple juice, but still no luck with homo milk...I tried the diluted milk again yesturday and he just spit it out. I think I may try to get some formula and see if that helps although I am skeptical and wonder if I'm just wasting my money.

I remember with Kierra I went from breastmilk to formula at 9 months then formula to a toddler version of said right on it for Toddlers, I think she was probably 16 months or more before I went strictly homo, just because I figured she would get more out of the special toddler formula.

Well Kaden has 5 teeth now...and the 6th is coming soon, they are all coming at once. He has gotten 3 teeth in the last 10 days. He has 3 on the bottom and 2 (soon to be 3) on top.

Today Kaden fell asleep in his high chair during snack time again! I swear he is just like his Dad...can fall asleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow. So I cleaned him up, and took him out of his highchair...he slept right through me cleaning him and kinda woke up when I picked him up, so I sat him down on the floor in the living room and he looked around and slumped forward, bent in half, with his head on his feet, and fell fast asleep again! I took his picture (I couldn't resist) then layed him down properly. I wish I could sleep as soundly as he can.

Well, I should go, I am babysitting my best friends 3 kids tomorrow again, she had to go out of town for a funeral so the kids are with me during the day while their Dad is at work...and I am completly drained from entertaining them today...well more getting up at 6:45am when I'm not used to it than the entertaining factor, but either way I am ready to fall asleep...and I think I may actually SLEEP tonight.

Hope all is well with everyone, Take care.

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