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kiedy- we bought a safety gate too as Troy is rolling everywhere..but we have to take it back b/c it doesn't quite fit our banisters. You are getting a lot of abuse from Avery :) Troy has started to bite dh and pull on his chest
As for the eating..Maybe he's not hungry? I find sometimes that i have to mix fruit in with Troy's lunch and dinner too. And, if he fusses while eating I'll wait a bit before offering him food again.

joanne - Does Kaden take a bottle? I forget :) I'm debating whether I should give Troy a bottle of formula for his afternoon breastfeed. I guess I could say i'm going to start weaning a little bit. And, just breastfeed in the morning..before supper and at bedtime and then he would have a bit of formula with this cereal and after you think that's too many times to give milk?
Also, thanks for the suggestion to get Troy cruising!

Laur- that's my idea for at least a year before having the next baby. We';re kind of hoping that we can conceive on our own that's why we're going to try for 6mos and then if nothing..start IUI's. And, by that time if we do get pregnant I'll have worked enough time! I think dh would be happy if i was preggo now! But. nope I'm not ready! :)

Well...we're going to do some yard work!
Take care everyone!
S :)

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