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No, I haven't heard of that yet, what is it? Did they perscribe anything for it? Sounds contagious though from the name of it.

Kaden had his 9 month checkup yesturday and he weighs 21 1/2lbs, he is in the 75% still so only 25% of babies weigh more than him. I told the Dr that DS drinks very little during the day and I was a bit concerned, I will try to feed him but he drinks so little, he eats OK though...he refuses to drink formula, he'll drink diluted apple juice but it's not as nutritious as the milk so the pediatrician said I can try giving DS Homo milk if I need to or yogurt and cheese to help fill that dairy need if he won't drink much.

The last 2 nights in a row Kaden has slept for just over 6 hours, which is a record. Lastnight he slept 6 1/2 hours ate then slept for 5 hours...I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the real deal and he'll start sleeping better. Weird how he went from a not very good sleep stretch to so much better than his average schedule.

I looked in his mouth and he is getting a top tooth, it's all swollen so I can definately tell it's coming.

Also, on Tuesday morning I went in his room to get him from his crib to feed him when he woke up and he was sitting there staring at me...that was his first time pushing himself to a sitting position, now he is constantly doing it, or pulling himself up into a standing position...he still hasn't been found standing in his crib yet, but I lowered the mattress just in case, for piece of mind.

Kaden has also been practising crawling on his knees and he is just barely doing it...he will move a few inches on his hands and knees then fall into the army crawl position. He just has to figure out how to co-irdinate the knees and the hands at the same time.

We got the trailer yesturday and the playpen might fit by the galley (sink) but we haven't tried it yet because we are keeping the trailer in the garage until it stops raining, but we decided if it doesn't fit there we'll do what you did and place it on the table converted into a bed position.

I also talked with a girlfriend, and remember when I mentioned I could have swore I had gotten an email about another suggestion on keeping bugs away...she just recently had that email as well and it was Bounce sheets(fabric softener sheets)...apparently you rub the Bounce sheets on them and the mosquitos stay away...we'll have to give it a try.

Kaden throws tantrums of we take something away from him or he can't reach something he wants...yesturday I was holding him outside and I went to walk toward the house again and he got mad because he wanted to stay outside. I also find now that he is getting around that he gets frustrated easily because even though he can get around he can't always get there as fast as he'd like, or he can't always get what he sees, or it's not as easy as when Mommy or anyone else just put him where he wanted to go or gave him what he he has to work for it and apparently that is frustrating. LOL...poor little guys.

Well, I should go get some more stuff done. I have the girlfriends coming over tomorrow for scrapbooking and the dayhome agency coming on tuesday to give me information and let me know if I have to do anything else to baby proof in order to start a dayhome. So I'm cleaning and doing some "Handy (wo)Man" work today.

Talk to you all again soon.

Oh yeah, I worked for 3 hours yesturday...I can only work a maximum of 5 hours a week while on EI, and we had to go pick up to trailer so 3 hours was the most I could do yesturday...Work was OK, I am not as enthusiastic as I used to be because I'd rather be at home with the kids, but it's not very long shifts so it goes by quick. Kaden was OK but tiward the last 15 or 20 minutes I guess he kept digging in my sisters chest with his face looking for a boob. LOL

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