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Yeah we plan on spraying it on his clothes too but I am just wondering what we'll do if it is nice and warm enough for shorts (we have been having awesome weather so it's quite possible) I could have swore I got an email a year ago saying some home remedy to use as a bug repellant on kids, but can't I'm going to try my sisters body's supposed to be similiar to Avon's Skin So Soft in that it repels mosquitos but smells nicer....I'll bring the Off for kids just in case...and I'll let you guys know how it works.

Kaden went on his first bus ride yesturday, DH's car isn't running right now so he had the van and I wanted to go exchange something at the mall so we took the bus, it was Kierras 2nd bus ride as well. They both were good. Only when we were at the mall, I was trying some sandals on Kaden and the lady had to go grab another size for him to try so I sat Kaden back in his stroller and was digging in the diaper bag for something for Kierra and the next thing I know Kaden is on the floor crying. :eek: I didn't buckle him up because it was only supposed to be a minute and I only had my eyes off him for less than a minutes as I dug in the diaper bag, he either slipped through the foot part of his stroller or pulled himself over the tray which I doubt because his legs would have stopped him and it would have taken him longer to squirm his way over and I would have noticed him before that. I'm sure he slipped through the feet part so it wasn't a far fall at all, and luckily they had cork or rubberized floors so it wasn't a hard fall, there was no visual boo boos from it at all, not even a bump or bruise, I'm sure it just scared him more than anything, but I felt like the worst Mom on the Planet! :(

Then that night Kaden was playing on the floor and DH was laying (napping) on the couch because he had to work early yesturday morning and then DH says "Did you put him here" and I look to see Kaden standing up next to DH at the couch, so he figured how to pull himself up to a complete stand, we sat him down and watched him do it again and now that he's figured it out he is doing it all the time. I lowered his mattress again to make sure he doesn't fall out of the crib.

We pick up our tent trailer tomorrow so I'm excited to get it packed, we aren't going camping until the first weekend in June but we are so excited.

Tomorrow is also the first day for me back at work...I really don't have to go back to work until the first week of August after my Employment Insurance ends but my boss is having so many staff issues he asked if I can work even one shift a week to get things back on track. I called EI and I can work about a 5 hour shift a week before they start deducting money off my EI, so that is about all I'll work, now that I know I have to go back I feel kinda depressed because thats 5 hours a week that I will be away from my kids and I feel like I haven't completly fulfilled my maternity leave. I am sure its just that I just don't want to go back to work. I am pretty sure that when the EI runs out that I am going to just stay home and start a dayhome. That way I can stay home with my kids and I calculated that I'd probably make more money because I wouldn't have to pay to put my 2 kids in a dayhome. I calculated it and it would cost me an entire 2 week paycheque to put them in a dayhome so technically out of a 4 week month I'd work 4 weeks but only have one free 2 week paycheque which would go toward bills and groceries...and if I stay home and take in 3 kids I'd make more money than that 2 week paycheque anyway.

Kaden hasn't been sleeping that well the last few days as well, I think his upper gums seem a bit swollen so there may be more teeth coming soon but so far still just 2 teeth. He goes for his 9 month check up tomorrow, he turned 9 months old on friday (19th)

Well, I should go get some stuff done while Kaden is napping, talk to you all soon.

S&J you'll have to give us an update on how camping was and if Troy slept well. Did you fit the playpen in the trailer or did he just sleep with you.

Take care,

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