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I chose to put my daughter on zantac before giving her cereal at 3 months old because I feel cereal to be nutritionally inferior to both breast milk and formula. It has been proven, many times over, that cereal really does nothing to prevent spit up or help them sleep, so for reflux I felt it would be a pointless endeavor.

I think the medication to help alleviate the symptoms, beyond all the natural remedies (feeding in an upright position, holding them upright for 20 minutes after a feed, frequent burping, etc) can be considered fixing the problem at the root of the cause.

I know some people are anti-med, especially when the child is already on a medication (like the original poster), BUT, like others have mentioned, a happy baby IS paramount. I noticed a HUGE difference with my daughter within 5 days. Not only did she spit up, but she gagged, choked, stopped breathing, shot milk out her nose, cried on the breast, arched her back, kicked her feet, and SCREAMED in pain. It was pretty serious. She was on 1ml twice a day to start, and is now down to .5 due to constipation and is still doing really well.

If you don't want to medicate I would recommend just doing what I mentioned above - feed upright, burp every 1/2 ounce (I know it seems like a lot, but it allows them to "take a break", get some air, breath, and burp... trust me, it helps), hold the baby upright for 20 minutes afterward, sleep on her side in an incline (you can get sleep positioners that insert under the crib mattress), and most importantly - encourage small, frequent meals.

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