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Don't get me wrong, I [B]love[/B] the nursing time DD and I have. In the beginning I never thought we would make it this long and I was sad about it, but am so relieved that both dd and I figured out the whole breast-feeding thing :) That being said, I am the only one that can feed her as she will not take a bottle, nor will she take a pacifier. The pacifier I don't care so much about, and she is finally starting to suck her thumb although it's more because of teething than soothing. The bottle is different though, especially since I am back at work. Thankfully I work close enough to home to be able to go and feed her at lunch, but I anticipate the day that I can go for 8 hours without having to 'think' about her. KWIM?? Of course every moment I am gone I am thinking of her!! This also means that I am the only one that can put her to sleep and the only one that can comfort her when she wakes at night. So, for the reason that I am the only one that can essentially be there for her, I wish I had nipped it in the bud a bit sooner.
On the other hand, my baby is an angel, so good and so happy and I would not trade one moment with her!
Also, her now being 5 months we have just started cereal and we found the Nuby cup which will allow her to get some fluids while I am away, so happily and yes sadly, the day when i can go 8 hours without seeing her in between is nearing!

Hope this explains things. It is not such a bad thing to have them always with you, I think we are the only culture that does not have our baby with us 24/7 !


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