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Yay!! I was hoping someone would start this thread!

DD is sleeping through the night and has for a few months. She started teething her 4 top teeth all at once (has 6 1/2 teeth now)and woke up at about 6 am every morning for a couple weeks but DH would give a bottle and she would go right back to bed. She is cruising on everything and lets go wobbles a couple seconds then falls. She is trying so hard to keep up with DS.
She eats table food at almost every meal mostly because she loves to feed herself.
She can say dada, baba and lala (our son Liam) but just like you no mama not even a bable with the letter m in it. She still screeches and it makes me nuts :rolleyes: .We were at a baby shower and she did it the whole room went silent and was looking at us. It is the loudest most ear piercing thing ever and she does it only when happy.
I am not sure how much she weighs last time we went to the drs she was 20 lbs 4oz and I think 25inches. But I know its not anymore because she had a major growth spurt and skipped a whole shoe size even.
I am thinking of getting her ears pierced anyone do that yet?
Great to hear from everyone.

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