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My baby boy Ty is almost 10 months old now.
He still gets a bottle with cereal in it before bed each night.
We use a pacifier still, but like you not very often at all.
Ty has never slept thru the night and still doesn't. I guess he has on a few nights but most of the time he still gets up once to eat. He is a little guy so I feel if he wants to eat then I am going to feed him. On his 9 month checkup he was 17lbs, 11 oz and 26 1/2 inches long. So he is a little guy!!

Ty usually eats a bottle 6-8 ounces at each feeding now including his 3 meals a day. He likes to eat grown up food more than baby food so he gets quite a bit of the real stuff.

He just actually is getting his 2 bottom teeth right now. They are 1/2 way there!! WOO HOO!!
He is army crawling everywhere!! He says mama, dada, baby, bye bye, waves bye-bye, mocks big time, pulls himself up, dances...he is VERY busy!!

He only walks while holding on to someone though!! That's ok, I am not in a huge hurry for that!! :-)

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