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Good morning ladies......... :wave:

Welcome Tanya. :) I am a Mommy of 2 kids. My daughter Amber is an angel in Heaven. She passed away when she was 2, would be 12 yrs old now. :angel: DS, Colin is now 11 weeks. He was born 3/1, weighed 9lbs 3 oz and was 21 3/4 in long. At his 2 month appointment he weighed 15 lbs 9 oz and was 24 in long. OMG!!!!!!!! :D Hes going to be my corn fed boy. His Daddy was a football & baseball player and wrestler. LOL. So maybe I will get my sports boy. We'll see. Congrats on your new baby!!!!!!

Well I think sleeping babies are wonderful. DS slept the more last night than ever before. He fell asleep at 7, didnt wake till 4, then fell asleep at 445 and didnt wake till 845!!!!!!! :eek: Dont know if he was extra tired or what. But its sure did me alot of good. Well AF is back for good. LOL. I had one last month that started on the 23rd and lasted 6 days. Well I started this month on the 14th and the first 2 days were spotting. Since then Ive been bleeding like a stuffed pig. Ive had to change my pad or tampon every hr. Anyone else having that problem? No lie, yesterday I went thru 5 pairs of panties. UGH!!!!!! Sorry if thats TMI.

Ds is now up to 6 oz at every feeding. Im also trying to stop the cereal in his bottles. I think the reflux is much better or gone. He spit up this morning once and that was the first time in weeks. Hes down to 2 bottles with cereal. So Im keeping my fingers crossed. Id rather just feed it to him. Hes been eating it once at night. Id like to turn that last bottle into a morning feeding. So we'll see.

DH always drives me crazy. LOL. He just doesnt do it the way I want it done. I know thats not fair. Im really anal. LOL. DH hasnt got up to feed DS since we were in the hospital. Now when he works nights he feeds him when hes off cause hes up. But once he said that he would take care of DS so I could sleep. Yeah, he slept thru his cries. DS woke me up in another room. :eek: DH is getting better. DS loves when Daddy feed him his cereal. LOL. Its too cute.

Well the in laws havent been over as much. We did go over for dinner day before yesterday. DS didnt want to eat his cereal so my MIL fed it to him. She was like,"See Grama can do it." UGH!!!!!!!! She always says crap like that. Then the Mothers Day card she got me said,"For the New Mom on MD". She still doesnt acknowledge my daughter. I think I may have to pound it in to her head. I know alot will say that she meant that for my son. But she always goes out of her way to ignore DD. I mean come on, all of her co workers and friends think DS is my first child. I love when I say,"Oh I have a daughter as well." I just hate that she cant recognize her. She may not be here. But she is my daughter and I love her just as much as DS.

Well I tell ya, it must be in the air about DHs. LOL. I was ready to leave mine yesterday. He can be such an ***. I was telling him that all of the bills from DSs birth are coming in. I have about $400 worth so far, plus $900 for a root canal that I had done and now have to get the crown done. Plus $1500 in taxes. (Dont ask. LOL) He only works 14 days a month. Hes very lucky to work that and make $50k a yr. He doesnt realize it. Well I asked him to work a few days of overtime to pay for the bills. He went off. I mean come on. He plays paintball, golfs and gets video games all the time. What do I do? I get my nails done every 2 weeks. Which I cancelled my appt. yesterday. Anyways, I put all the bills in his face and said I was done. Long story short........ he now knows what all needs to be paid and said that he will work the overtime. Skip forward to this morning....... he calls to tell me that he won a brand new DELL computer from work. We just bought a $1500 computer at Christmas and have another already. So hes gonna sell it to a guy at work for $400. YAY!!!!!!! NOT. Hes gonna keep the money for his paintball game in Sept. I didnt even get anything for Mothers Day cause we are so broke. I think hes being selfish. Even though he works hard. Still. Soooooooooooo I dont know what to say. He just pisses me off. Anyways......

Well I better go. DS is asleep again. It must be the heat. Its been around 100 degrees here. I need a shower. LOL.

TTYL, Heather

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