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Abnormal weight?
May 8, 2006
Hi girls,

I am a little concerned about my son. He is 12 weeks old and weighs over 15 pounds already! The doctor has told me that he is totally healthy and that it isn't something to worry about, but, selfishly I'm sad because he's already in 6 month clothing and I feel like I've missed out on the little baby stage! Do you think his weight gain will taper off? I mean, if he keeps going at this rate he'll be like 50 lbs. at a year old! I have kept him on a normal schedule breastfeeding, every 3 to 4 hours for only a half hour at a time and he is sleeping through the night, so he only gets about five or six feedings a day. I have considered maybe shortening his feeding time to only 10 minutes a side to see how he does. What do you all think?

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