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Cool baths will help and try switching and using the motrin at night. It breaks fevers better and last 8 hours.
I don't really worry about high fevers. If it went over 104 then I would take him in. Kids get higher fevers than we do.
To Don't Ask:
EASY KILLER! A fever of 104 does NOT require a trip to the emergency room, IF it is brought down by tylenol and doesn't last more than 24 hours. Babies spike high fevers ALL THE TIME!!!
Don't freak new moms out like that. She has received good advice from her ped and as long as baby is feeding normally and otherwise healthy a spike in fever does not require an immediate run to the ER>
My four year old daughter has always ran high fevers. The first time she got sick she was about 1 and when I got her to the er it was 104. The nurse looked at me in shock and said This baby is sick. I wanted to say no *****, why do you think I'm in the er?? Well, it was an ear infection. Next time and every time since then when she gets sick it's HIGH. I still haven't gotten used to it. Thank God she hardly ever gets sick! The only bad thing is she has a phobia of docs and hospitals because they freak out every time and do bloodwork and urine work. Last time she couldn't pee and they had to do a cath. It's like I want to take her cuz I want to get meds started but it's always such a bad experience for her I hate to put her thru it. What I'm trying to say is I understand both sides. Do you stay or do you go? Also that tylenol/motrin thing works really good. I have to do that almost every time. Tylenol really doesn't do much anyways. I'm definitely a motrin (ibuprofin) fan.

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