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My son is 8 months, and I formula feed...I've noticed that ever since we began feeding him baby food, he has lost interest in formula. He still eats it, bt not as much as before...he would have 8 ounces with cereal in it before bed and now he only eats 4-5 ounces without cereal.

Anyways, here is a typical day for us. Btw my son is 24 lbs, so this may or may not be typical :p

7-8am: 6 ozs of formula

10am: 4 ozs of cereal, sometimes with a bit of fruit mixed in with it

(Sometimes he may have a few ounces of formula eitehr before or after the cereal if he is in the mood. He never finishes what I give him)

12pm: 4 ozs of baby food

3pm: 5 ozs of formula

5pm: 4 ozs of baby food and 4 ozs of juice

(once again, he may or may not have some formula here.)

7pm: 4 ozs of cereal

8pm: 6ozs of formula and then bed :D

He is a big eater :D I give him his own spoon when I feed him too, and he canget the spoon into his mouth, but he has no clue how to get any food on it or how to keep it there when he does :p I hope to have him weaned of formula before one year. I think I will start him on a sippy cup in about a month too.

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